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Welcome on my photography site, I'm Miklós Mayer.

I fell in love with astronomy as a child, allegedly I could name the planets inward or outward already at the age 3. As I always wanted to get closer to the stars, I became interested in optics, and then as I grew up, in photography. I took a lot of pictures on film, but the big leap only came in 2009, when I could finally buy my first digital SLR body. A little later I attended a portrait photography course taught by the famous Martin Szipal.

This course had a huge impact on me, and it stills determines how I see things and how I use lights. Not to mention that I got to know Martin, he's a big laugh!


With this knowledge I started taking portraits and full body pictures. As I attended a lot of salsa dancing events at this time of my life, I started taking pictures at the parties. Fortunately, I had a lot of positive feedback which encouraged me to develop my style and technique further. By 2011, I was acknowledged a salsa photographer with his own style: flashy pictures with deliberately blurred colorful backgrounds, but with the dancers being sharp.

The dancing community liked my pictures and soon I was asked to photograph international salsa events, where I met a lot of people. I finished the every-week-dancing in 2012, but I'm still very happy to take dancing pictures if someone asks me.

In the meanwhile I started my journey into other areas of photography, such as weddings. I think this is the most challenging event a photographer can participate. I have to put my best not just technically, but as a person as well. I always feel very honoured when a couple trusts me with taking their wedding pictures.

I left my favourite area to the end: timelapse photography. As nature photography is mixed up with video in the end, I had to overcome lot of technical obstacles. By now, I have thorough knowledge in the subject, and sometimes I'm even being asked to talk about the timelapse photography on smaller events. In October 2013 my video Budapest under the fog was all around in the hungarian media for a few days, I'm very proud of this.

I'm always developing something new in timelapse photography, my new project will have its result in Spring 2015.

My newest pictures and news can be found on my facebook page, and on my personal blog.

If you'd like to hire me as a photographer or just want to send a message, do it by clicking on "Contact" on the upper menu.

I'm always happy if you tell me your opinion about my work - feel free to leave a comment below!

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